I’ve Two Facebook Accounts Do I Delete One of Them?

I've Two Facebook Accounts Do I Delete One of Them?

I’ve got two issues that I believe are specific to the. In November, my first Facebook accounts were strangely suspended for ‘suspicious activity’ (it had been idle, and just 1 device logged into, strong password). The number connected to the particular account was an older sim, which was the means of confirmation I had been supplied. After months of trying, I gave up, establish a new account (new email). This one was when I attempted to publish a status update, handicapped. Due to the festive period, I wished to get family, friends etc. because I’m living overseas. I made an effort to log into my account – no chance, still handicapped.

I made an effort to log in to my old accounts and strangely it enabled me to confirm myself with another way (differentiating 4 comments I’d made previously). I downloaded the data to work with on the older accounts, organizing to delete the account and revert back to the accounts. On my previous account decided to include my present sim amount. I included 5’contacts’. I had been living’ a few webpages and got logged out for suspicious facebook aanmaken‘. It’s reverted allowing me to receive the SMS for my sim number when I tried to log back in and get the sms verification.

I tried to go about this by using the ‘forgot my password’ option along with the password has 3 choices for the reception – old sim, fresh sim – good! I ship the code also change my own password. Once I’ve completed this, Facebook pushes me to affirm my identity – using the sole way by receiving an SMS to my sim number of doing this. I tried logging back in my brand-new accounts, which pushes as handicapped. When I attempt to publish the form supplied to challenge/query an account, it yields an error and I can’t submit the form together with my ID. I am stuck in an endless loop of having the ability to get an account, regardless of strong and complete compliance using Facebook procedures. ideally only need to have the ability to get my account where I can get my sim that is new, although not my older sim. I want to discover a means to have Facebook to send me the sms affirmation for my sim amount, or to let me affirm my identity from a different way e.g. the four remarks confirmation as previously. I have had some severe problems in the past few months and desperately need contact with friends’ members and relatives overseas. Any help on this would be greatly valued.