The petitioner proposes the following range of investigation:

The petitioner proposes the following range of investigation:

The scope of this investigation is carton-closing staples. Carton-closing staples are attaching gadgets to protect or close the flaps of corrugated and strong paperboard containers and boxes. Carton-closing staples are made from steel wire and frequently have a copper finish or zinc (galvanized) covering. Carton-closing staples made from stainless steel wire are additionally covered.

Carton-closing staples include stick staple products, typically referred to as staple strips, and roll staple products, typically described as coils. Stick staples are gently cemented or lacquered with each other to facilitate handling and packing right into stapling devices. Roll staples are taped with each other along with their crowns.

Carton-closing staples differ by the size of the wire, the crown’s width, and the length of the leg. The leg length generally ranges from 0.45 inch to 1.375 inches as well as the crown width varies from 1.125 inches to 1.375 inches. The cord’s size in the manufacturing of carton-closing staples normally differs from 0.033 to 0.058 inches (thickness) Manual Carton Closing Tools ┬áby 0.072 to 0.096 inches (size). Staples that deviate from these measurements by 10 percent or less in any facet are covered.

All carton-closing staples meeting the physical summaries in this extent are covered, no matter whether they are covered, uncoated, or the kind of layer; whether they are generated from steel cord or stainless-steel cord; and also, whether they are imported in stick kind or roll type.

Carton-closing staples based on this examination are presently classifiable under subheadings 8305.20.00.00 and 7317.00.65.60 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the USA (HTSUS). While HTSUS subheadings are offered convenience and custom-made objectives, the created description of the subject merchandise is dispositive. To the level that carton-closing staples that fulfill the range summary are imported under these or other HTS categories not provided above, they are meant to be covered.